Upper Mustang Trek Information Everything You Need To Know

Unlike other mainstream trek, upper mustang trekking is slightly different. Caves, monasteries and deserted landscape are the major things to see in Lo Manthang. In the rain shadow of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna, the area receives the occasional rainfall. As a result Jomsom Lo Manthang is the best trek during monsoon. This is a summary page, with details of things you need to know about Upper Mustang Trek.

  • For general queries, we do have a section of frequently asked questions about Upper Mustang. It is asked by like minded travelers like you. You can check it at FAQ Section.
  • Lo Manthang is perfect for trekking even during mid monsoon. Tiji Festival is the major highlight of Upper Mustang. Know more about the best time for trekking upper mustang.
  • Permit cost is very expensive. There was a rumor about the decreased permit cost after earthquake. Which is not approved yet by the home ministry. Keep yourself updated with the permit of the mustang.
  • Itinerary can be different, multiple trails exist for trekking. You can also traverse to Annapurna or Dolpo. Also itinerary for Tiji Festival is slightly different. Know more about general trekking itineraries.
  • Individual permit cannot be issued for Upper Mustang. You can try to find a trekking partner or join fixed departure trek.
  • Upper Mustang is a moderate grade trek. The chances of being a victim of altitude sickness are very low. Prevention is better than cure. See more details about high altitude sickness and personal hygiene.
  • It is hard to manage perfect pack for the trek. See the recommended packing list for both individual and organized trips.
  • It is very hard to navigate without a proper map. We do have a special edition map covering entire possible itinerary. Browse our online zoom able trek map.

This is the basic useful things for the trek. For more information you can always browse our homepage. Also, we do have day by day itinerary kindly provided by Christiane Fall. See how an upper mustang trek looks like. For particular queries, send us an email at info@uppermustangnepal.com

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