Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty Grade

Trekking begins out of your comfort zone. Even the treks with a difficulty grade easy, are not comfortable as in cities. Upper Mustang, is a trek with a difficulty grade moderate. Depending on several factors trekking grades are defined. There are no standards set for defining grade. However, we had tried to define it in our own way. Four different factors are considered for defining Upper Mustang as a moderate grade trek. If you follow different exits from Lo Manthang, then it might be strenuous grade as well. These exits are mainly Lo Manthang to Upper Dolpo and Lo Manthang to Nar Phu. Also a trip to Damodar Kunda within Upper Mustang can’t be categorized as moderate grade.

On the basis of expected level of difficulty, grade is defined. You can select whether Upper Mustang is suitable for you or not. This is suitable for most walkers without any restriction or limitation. Though, reasonable level of fitness is required.

1. Walking Time

For moderate grade trip, walking duration per day on average is between five to seven hours. Trip duration is around fifteen days. Some rest days are included in the time frame. During Upper Mustang your average time duration to walk is five to seven hours. Also trip is of fourteen days and exploration day is set in Lo Manthang.

2. Altitude

Max elevation for the moderate grade trek is set 5000 m from sea level. You won’t be even exceeding 4500 m during Upper Mustang Trek. Overnight stays will be below 3800 m each day. You will scale elevation of 4000 + m during certain times, few days only.

3. Terrain

For moderate grade trek, it mostly follows the well marked trail. Also daily ascent and descent should be expected. Trail to Upper Mustang is trans himalayas salt trading route from the past. It is well marked and well travelled trails. Also, while avoiding the motor road, we will be ascending and descending through several passes each day.

4. Remoteness

For moderate grade trek, remoteness is not too much. There should be some facilities for accommodation and communication facilities. Well, each day we are spending a night in a local village. There are good enough teahouses and lodges, but don’t sophisticated like in the cities. For communication, mobile phones work perfectly.

Conditions of regions definitely vary in a certain time frame. We hope our grade gives you an idea of what to expect during Upper Mustang Trek. For us it is important that our groups should be open to new situations and flexibly. Keep in mind moderate grade treks can later be easily graded trek. This shift in grade is a result of development in the infrastructures and facilities. But easy grade trek can’t be a moderate grade trek. If you have confusion while choosing the trip, consult with us. We can help you to figure out the perfect itinerary for you within Upper Mustang.

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