21 Days Lo Manthang Teri La Nar Phu Trekking

Discover few of the remote medieval village in mid west Nepal! Explore The Last Forbidden Kingdom of Lo Manthang, traverse high pass of Teri La and trek down Nar and Phu Village in Annapurna.

Somehow similar to Lo Manthang Upper Dolpo Traverse Trekking, this is also a strenuous grade trek. Camping can’t be avoided and also, a series of some high alpine passes. Trek can start either from Mustang of from Manang. There exist an unmarked and virtually untraced trail in between Manang and Mustang. We will start our trek from Jomsom. Then explore few of sky caves in Lo Manthang. Head northeast of the valley, further ahead traverse the Teri La Pass. Enter Manang and explore the village of Near and Phu. Descend down toward the Beshi Sahar and drive back to Kathmandu.

We have countable three guides who are from Gorkha and lead this strenuous grade trek before. It is easier to arrange a guide who had led previous trek separated, for Nar and Phu only. Also for Lo Manthang Upper Mustang Trek. But very few had traversed from Mustang to Manang via Teri La Pass. Below is the itinerary for Lo Manthang to Nar Phu Traverse. The itinerary is adjustable and easy to reschedule. For instant assistance guide is equipped with a satellite phone. You need to have a special insurance covering medical evacuation in case of emergency. Here, your itinerary will start from Kagbeni. Depending on preference, we will either fly or drive to Pokhara and same for Pokhara to Kagbeni.

Upper Mustang Lo Manthang Teri La Nar Phu Trek Itinerary

Day 01
Kagbeni to Chele [3050m]

Your journey starts after registering your special permit in checkpoint at Kagbeni. The guide will have done it prior to your departure from teahouse in Kagbeni. You don’t need to wait in the checkpoint. The trail follows the prehistoric salt trading route. It mostly passes through sandy and windy environment. The first village that you will encounter is Tangbe. Somehow similar to Kagbeni, narrow alley is between villages is scenic. The houses are mostly whitewashed. Apple orchard is another highlight of Tangbe. The trail follows gentle up and down all the way. Onward from Tangbe, we will reach the small village of Chele.

Day 02
Chele to Syangboche [3475m]

Good morning Chele, after breakfast you will continue your journey toward Lo. We will pass by Ekle Bhatti. Taklam La pass at an elevation of 3624 m from sea level offer a view of Tilicho Peak and Damodar Danda. As a part of walking in high Himalayas, now you have to descend down from the pass. You will be in another beautiful village of Samar. Again from the village onward, you are supposed to walk up and down. From Samar it might take up to three complete hours to reach Syangboche. During the trail you can chill in the presence of cool streams and juniper trees. Local used dried juniper as a incenses during auspicious works. Also along the trail we will pass by the famous cave named Ramchung Cave.

Day 03
Syangboche to Ghaymi [3520m]

Today you will encounter higher pass of Yamda La, at an elevation of 3850 m from sea level. Along the trail you will pass through few lodges, chorten and small Tibetan looking villages. There will be another surprise for you. Little longer climb to further higher pass of the Nyi La Pass at an elevation of 4010 m. Probably this is the most difficult part of the upper mustang trail. Don’t worry, this is just simple, little higher than other passes. From the top of Nyi La, we will start our final descent to village of Ghaymi. This is the third largest village in entire Lo. It is entirely surrounded by large barren fields. Main vegetation is barley and potato in the village of Ghaymi.

Day 04
Ghaymi to Charang [3500m]
The trail is pleasant today. You will cross Ghaymi River. Small up is unavoidable. The trail passes next to the longest mani wall. Mani walls are stone carved with Tibetan Prayers on it. Probably Charang (Tsarang) is most picturesque villages in Upper Mustang. From the of long mani wall, you will head east, passing through a maze of fields. There exists a huge Dzong and Gompa that herald the arrival of settlement in Charang. This will be a short day. Late afternoon, depending on wind condition you can walk around and take a picture of the Gompa. It is a very beautiful village.

Day 05
Charang to Lo Manthang [3700m]
The most awaited destination of the entire trip, i.e. walled city of Lo Manthang. You will also witness the beauty of Nilgiri, Tilicho and Annapurna I. Also Bhrikuti Peak on the side of Damodar Kunda will come into sight. Your trip starts with downhill trail to the canyon. After crossing the river you will start your ascent to the pass of Lo, at an elevation of 3850 m. From the top of the pass, you can see the beautifully stretch village of Lo Manthang. The pass is mostly windy. All you need is to descend to the village of Lo Manthang.

Day 06
Exploration Day Lo Manthang [3700m]

Multiple options are available for sightseeing in Lo Manthang. We will start with a trip to Namgyal Gompa. This is one of the important monasteries, which also serve at a local court. Are you ready for trip to last village on the way to Tibet? The guide will lead the way to village of Tingkhar on the north west of Lo Manthang. If you are not interested in walking, then you can explore few other important monasteries in the village. The God House and Chyodi Gompa are the major highlights of Lo Manthang. Also king’s palace should not be missed. Late afternoon Lo Manthang face strong gusty wind.

Day 07
Lo Manthang to Yara [3900m]

Trek back to top of the pass again. This is the final view of Lo Manthang. Take some picture and start descending down. After a while you will leave a main trail of Jomsom Lo Manthang Trek. Continue to the village of Dhi. Further east we will continue passing the Kaligandaki River. There is short yet steep climb up. It is very famous for some of its caves. Along the way you will have views of amazing caves. After a long walk you will find a place to stay for overnight in Yara Village.

Day 08
Yara to Luri Gompa [3880m]

It is a famous Gompa in Lo. There are nice paintings and manuscript inside the wall of the Gompa. Explore the Gompa and there will be local guide to explain about it. Your camp will be set in appropriate places. In the exploratory part we might camp anywhere we want. However, in the villages and nearby we have to follow certain rules of conservation area and village’s rule.

Day 09
Luri Gompa to Tangya [3240m]

It is relatively easier trip to Tangya. Majority of the trail is gentle down. From tomorrow the explorer portion of region starts. You will be heading in the middle of nowhere to middle of nowhere! Brace yourselves more adventure ahead until you traverse fully to the village of Nar in Annapurna.

Day 10
Tangya to Yak Kharka [4100m]

Into the wild! This is now an exploratory trek all the way to Nar Gau. You won’t find any settlement in between Tangya and Nar Phu. You need to be well prepared for the upcoming adventure ahead. The trail is completely unmarked. During summer some nomad peoples reside around Yak Kharka looking after their sheep, yak and horses.

Day 11
Yak Kharka to Samena Khola [4220m]

Today it will be a comparatively easier trek. Short and gentle paced flat terrain makes easy. Stunning landscape and the riverbank is the major highlight of today. There is no vegetation, no tree and almost no life. As a part of acclimatization you will have shorter day camp.

Day 12
Samena Khola to Teri La Base Camp [4630m]

You are now on close border to Manang. Nar and Phu is a village in Manang District. Before you traverse Teri La Pass, which is more than 5500 m we had allocated two nights. Late afternoon you can hike to nearby ridges for stretching your feet and keep yourself updated with the higher elevation.

Day 13
Teri La Base Camp to Teri La High Camp [5100m]

It is not easier to spend a night at the elevation above 5000 m. Today at high camp you will be spending a night at 5100 m. If you feel you aren’t ready for this adventure, let God know and spend one more night in Teri La Base Camp. Otherwise hike steep up to the High Camp. Turn back and witness the backdrop of snowy peaks on the Mustang.

Day 14
Teri La High Camp to Phedi via Teri La Pass [5000m]

While crossing the high mountain pass early start is needed. For traversing Teri La at elevation 5500+ m elevation you will be starting around four am in the morning. By the time of sunrise target is to reach the top of the pass. Stop for a while at the top and descend rapidly down to Phedi. Spend a night again at an elevation of 5000 m. This will be for the last time.

Day 15
Phedi to Labse Khola [4800m]

A long descent down to Labse Khola. Today you will camp next to the riverbank. During the mid summer you might encounter grazing yaks and sheep. Shepherds reside around Yak Kharka looking after their cattle. Expect few of them until the end of November.

Day 16
Labse Khola to Yak Kharka [4600m]

Final day of the your exploratory portion of entire trip. From Yak Kharka tomorrow you will be in the medieval village of Nar. You can find a few of the shepherd’s huts, temporary. There is a grazing field for cattle. This pastureland remains lush green during the monsoon.

Day 17
Yak Kharka to Nar Gau [4110m]

Back to civilization! Village of Nar is another restricted area for trekking. The village is located on the north of famous Annapurna Circuit Trekking Trail. You might encounter with few other trekkers who are mostly for Nar Phu Valley Trek. Also, there might be a climbing group for Himlung Peak in further northeast of Nar.

Day 18
Nar Gau to Kyang [3800m]

Today is relatively easy day and will mark trail. Local peoples and mules will pass next to you along the trail. As a part of being camping group, we will settle very close of Kyang. Now the landscape is totally different than the Mustang. From some part of the trail there is easier access to Tibetan Plateau as well. Enjoy your few remaining days in the lost valleys of Nar and Phu.

Day 19
Kyang to Phu Gaon [3900m]

After a few ups and downs, your overnight camp today will be in the village of Phu. It is very similar to that of Nar in term of housing and culture. Explore the alley in the village and watch out the daily chores of villagers! Explore the Gompa as well, one of the oldest in Manang.

Day 20
Phu Gaon to Meta [3560m]

Last walk on the restricted region of Nar and Phu. As we trek to Koto, it is a part of the Annapurna Circuit. Enjoy the isolation and relatively few trekkers. Almost countable trekkers! You will camp very close to Meta and enjoy the tranquil serenity.

Day 21
Meta to Koto [2600m]

It is mostly downhill and relatively easier trail to the settlement of Koto. There are established teahouses. Camping can be avoided today. Order food of your choice from the menu and grab a bottle of beer! Final day with the crew, celebrate the success. Tomorrow they will accompany you up to Beshi Sahar in a drive.

Day 22
Koto to Kathmandu [1300m]

Do you want to trek next to the motor road? We guess you don’t, so from Koto you will directly drive back to Kathmandu. Local jeeps and buses run frequently. From Beshi Sahar (Black topped road) there will be a luxurious coaster for getting back to Kathmandu. If you have more days then you can walk down to Beshi Sahar.

You won’t find sufficient information related to Lo Manthang Nar Phu Trek. This is because very few countable people had done this challenging trek. For more general queries about Upper Mustang part here is our FAQ Section. Browse our online zoom able trek map. For other information there are some useful link on our homepage.

For any unanswered queries please send us an email at info@uppermustangnepal.com