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There are no any precise hard and fast rules about upper mustang trek itinerary. However, because of the permit process your number of days ahead of Kagbeni is limited. Once the entry is made, your permit will expire on the tenth day. Either you have to report exit in Kagbeni or pay extra fees. After the earthquake, permit cost might be heavily reduced. New proposed permit cost is USD 100 per person for first ten days. However this is not approved yet. This is a right time for trekking upper mustang. Without any special request, we won’t organize a mountain biking trip. Two overnight stays in Lo Manthang is allocated. We just want to ensure you will enjoy at your best on major attraction, like kings’ palaces, wall and caves. Also excursion to the nearby Tibetan border will be unmatched experience. Normally we operate treks on the basis of five different itineraries. Every year festival took place on the courtyard of the king’s palace in Lo Manthang. Some people miss spell it as Tenji Festival. Three days long festival is about chasing demons away from the sacred valley of Lo.

Want to know more about the festival?
Here is a brief intro about Tiji Festival, Upper Mustang.

Below is the list of five general itineraries from Upper Mustang. Except number one and two, three four and five needs camping style trek. Click on each link to know more about details day by day itinerary.

1. Regular Upper Mustang Trek | Jomsom Lo Manthang Jomsom

This is the regular Upper Mustang Itinerary. Often known as Jomsom to Lo Manthang Trek, it is ten days trek from Kagbeni to Kagbeni. Including from Kathmandu, trip will last at least 14 days. Ten days of trek, four days from Kathmandu to Kagbeni and Kagbeni in Kathmandu. Depending on the transport used trip can slightly last long. You can either trek from Beni to Kagbeni or simply get a wheel. Click here to see day by day itinerary.

2. Tiji Festival Trek | Three Days Festival Lo Manthang

A festival of Tiji, which happens near month of May is another cultural highlight of Upper Mustang. The itinerary is very similar to Jomsom Lo Manthang Jomsom Trek. Only two to three more days are added for staying in Lo Manthang. This is because the festival is carried out in the courtyard of the king’s palace in Lo Manthang. Your permits will be issued with twelve days validity. You will also have options to end your trek in Muktinath instead of Kagbeni. Otherwise, it will be a very similar itinerary to regular upper mustang trek. Click here to see day by day itinerary.

3. Upper Mustang Lo Manthang Damodar Kunda Trek

On the east of the regular trekking trail, there is a lake name Damodar Kunda. It is a collection of three small lakes, which are described in the holy books of the Hindu. For westerners it is just a small lake, but for Hindu and Buddhist it is one of the most holy lakes. There is a small viewpoint near lake. You can see Tibetan Plateau and Damodar Himal. Other famous climbing peak in Upper Mustang is located nearby. There are no tea houses, its on the complete isolation. Camping is needed for four to five days. Click here to see day by day itinerary.

4. Lo Manthang Upper Dolpo Traverse

Few westerners had ventured this route. It passes through a completely unmarked trail. A series of high alpine passes don’t have alternatives. You can also embed some peak climbings along the trail. You can start either in Dolpo or in Upper Mustang. Dolpo is on the west of Upper Mustang. The landscape is very similar to the Mustang. Separate Upper Dolpo RAP should be obtained. Also Shey Phoksundo National Park entry permit should be obtained. Itinerary completely depends on the team. Sometimes during inhospitable environment with plentiful of snow trail is completely inaccessible. Click here to see day by day itinerary.

5. Lo Manthang Nar Phu Traverse

Similar to Upper Dolpo, Nar Phu is also restricted area on east of Upper Mustang. It is a part of Annapurna. Some people make just to Nar Phu and some just to Upper Mustang. If you want something challenging with complete absence of foreigner this is right track for you. Nar Phu to Lo Manthang Traverse. It can start from either side. Separate RAP for Nar Phu is enough, you don’t need other conservation area entry permit. Peak climbing can be added on the itinerary, as you will pass by some of the famous climbing peaks in the region. Few days for contingency should be allocated.The trail is not predefined. It’s also a full camping style trek. Click here to see day by day itinerary.

Two out of five above itineraries can be operated on teahouse basis. There is completely no need of camping unless you are traversing toward Upper Dolpo or Nar Phu village from Upper Mustang. Also you will need camping for Damodar Kunda Trek. The itinerary is flexible. If you have any queries try our upper mustang trek frequently asked questions. For more geographical references, browse our online trek map. Find out when is the best time for trekking the moderate grade upper mustang trek.

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