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Upper Mustang, The Lost Tibetan Kingdom has been never a backpacker’s haven. Trans Himalayan salt trading route from Kagbeni to Tibet via Lo Manthang is now in the bucket list of wanderer. Many trekkers made “U Turn” from Kagbeni because of expensive permit for Upper Mustang. Borderline of Upper and Lower Mustang Kagbeni is heavily trekked every year. World famous Annapurna Circuit Trail passes through Kagbeni. As a result wandering hippies can be spotted on the trail in between Jomsom to Kagbeni. Upper Mustang is located entirely within the Annapurna Conservation Area Project. Apart from ACAP entry permit trekkers needs to issue special restricted permit from Nepal Immigration. TIMS card is not needed after possessing restricted permit issue with immigration. Two different permits are needed.

1. ACAP Entry Permit

ACAP – Annapurna Conservation Area Project

This can be issued at office of Nepal Tourism Board. Either in Kathmandu or Pokhara. Regardless of time span this single entry permit cost Nepali Rs. 2000 (Approximately USD 20). Trekkers need to provide passport details. One passport size picture is needed. This permit can be issued in advance before arrival of trekkers.

Note: Update June 25, after earthquake ACAP is planning different idea. This can be used as a multiple time within in one month. This is not implemented yet. 

2. RAP Upper Mustang

RAP – Restricted Area Permit

This is the highly delicate permit system. The cost is expensive. It is USD 500 Per Person for the first ten days. Your days will be counted from Kagbeni Check Point (When you move ahead of Kagbeni). In general our itineraries are scheduled to fit restricted area with ten days. For Lo Manthang we used to allocate two overnights stay. In case if number of days get extended than USD 50 Per Person Per Day is applicable. One scanned copy of passport size picture is required for this permit. However, you have to hand over two picture. This is because sometime immigration’s database doesn’t work, and we had to attach a picture manually. Original passport is required at immigration. You have to hand over your passport to us for one working day. Ask us for a copy of passport, if you need photocopy for a day. We can’t issue this permit in advance before your arrival. We need one working day (Approximately 3 hrs) to issue the permit. Permit cannot be issued on Saturday and Government Holiday. Remember we don’t have holiday in Sunday, your permits can be issue on Sunday. 

Upper Mustang Trek Permit Summary

* Valid Passport with minimum 6 months to expiry
* ACAP Permit | USD 20 Per Person | One Printed Passport Size Picture
* RAP Upper Mustang  – USD 500 Per Person for first 10 days |Scanned Copy of Passport Size Picture | One Printed Passport Size Picture
* Minimum two trekkers are needed with guidance of authorized local operator

If you have more unanswered queries, visit our Upper Mustang – Frequently Asked Question.

Remember this is an entry permit for Upper Mustang and Annapurna Conservation Area. You are subject to pay individual monastery entry permit in Upper Mustang. You have to allocate around USD 40 in total for several monasteries. We had not included this cost in our service. Individual client’s preference in different. You can instantly decide to enter or not and pay directly.

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