Update: Upper Mustang Trek After Earthquake
Update: Post Earthquake Lo Manthang Trip Report

As a part of Trans Himalayas salt trading route, Lo Manthang was the key transit point of trade.

Widely known as Upper Mustang Trek, it is the trekking route from Jomsom to Lo Manthang. Multiple itineraries are available ranging from moderate to strenuous grade. It is entirely doable in the tea house, camping is not needed unless you go off the beaten track. This site was initially based on the trip report kindly provided by Christiane Fell and Aras Orhon from Germany. The map below will help you to know more about the tea houses, elevation, monasteries and other related information. A special permit is needed and you need to be minimum of group of two trekkers. Also, individual trekkers are not allowed to enter above Kagbeni. The guide is compulsory. There are checkpoints along the way!

This website aims to provide all the necessary information you need to know about Upper Mustang Trekking. Know more about permit, itinerary, best time to trek and other useful information. There are two fixed departure treks one is for Tiji Festival and another for Damodar Kunda Trek. Try Upper Mustang Trekking Partner to find like-minded trekkers on your time frame.

Upper Mustang is a 10 days trek. The trail is easy to follow and you will encounter several settlement on the way.  To save the time you can take a flight from kathmandu to Pokhara and take another flight from Pokhara to Jomsom. The restricted area starts from the Kagbeni, which si the beginning of  Upper Mustang trek. Learn about Mustang culture, the way of living and one of the greatest festival in the region, tiji festival.

Upper Mustang The Last Forbidden Kingdom

Trek the trans himalayas salt trading route , explore sky caves and the last nomad community!

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With the maximum elevation of 4,200 m, and average of 5 to 7 hrs walk Upper Mustang is a moderate grade trek with all the excellent facilities

A mixture of desert and mountain. Upper Mustang is the barren destination that falls under. rain shadow zone It has the vibrant landscape and the rich cultural
Located near the border of Tibet, Upper mustang signifies buddhism with it’s unique monasteries, languages, ancient caves, and architecture that is hidden from the modern world.
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Upper Mustang Trek Permit

Upper Mustang Trek Permit

You will need a special restricted permit for Upper Mustang. Also, ACAP entry permit is needed. A printed copy of passport size photo, original passport with at least six months of validity, minimum two trekkers and authorized agency can’t be avoided.


Upper Mustang Trek Map

Check the online zoom able trekking map of Upper Mustang. It covers entire trekking trails, information about elevation, villages, monasteries and available facilities along the trail. You can buy an offline printed version of the map at the himalayan map house.